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Deemed one of the Top 100 Products for six years in a row by Dentistry Today, the Physics Forceps™ is the easiest, most effective choice in tooth extraction. This device has been touted as the top clinicians’ choice for extractions due to its ease of use. The Physics Forceps™ is a patented instrument that is fabricated with the Beak and Bumper™ design which assists in making even the most difficult extractions simple and predictable for dentists no matter what their strength. Using a leverage technique that allows the patient comfort throughout the process, the Physics Forceps™ continues to be one of the best innovations today in dentistry.

Many dentists love the ability to provide fast and predictable extractions no matter how difficult. The innovative Beak and Bumper™ design allows the forceps to be used as a lingual elevator to help wedge an adult tooth from the jaw bone in a safe and effective manner without the need for extreme strength of the dentist. These dental forceps are gaining in popular as dentists realize what a great addition they can be to their dental practice for the removal of damaged or diseased teeth from their patients’ smiles.

There are many benefits of using Physics Forceps™ which include:
  • The ability to predict atraumatic tooth extractions and perform them efficiently within just a few minutes
  • The ability to preserve the cortical plate and buccal bone during extraction
  • Elimination of root tip fractures
  • Having the tools necessary to complete extractions and avoid referring them out to oral surgeons and specialists
  • Allowing other dentists the chance to refer oral extractions to your practice
  • Providing the ability for patients to have extractions and restorations completed during the same appointment
  • Allowing dentists to provide immediate dental implant placement as soon as extraction has been performed.
Instead of referring extractions out to oral surgeons, it is time for dentists to keep the tools necessary in their office to provide treatment right in their own dental chair. Contact Golden Dental Solutions today to ask about the Physics Forceps™ for non-surgical tooth extractions.

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